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National CX Rounds this weekend

Just in case you weren't aware this weekend is the National Cross champs weekend organised by the MWCC and MWMTB. This event has been organised with having events for everyone as the key goal, now all we need is for you all to come and have a go. Both Saturday and Sunday the morning events, are B grade cross, for all us riders who aren't at the elite level. Followed by a mtb/ cross race for ANYONE, ANY BIKE, ANY ABILITY, prizes will include worst Skinsuit, oldest retro jersey, best excuse and any other worthy event. Sunday also has a kids race at 10.30 again, for all comers, Check times at http://cx.mwmtb.com Of course if you really can't race, because you are a) frightened that a fat old bloke might beat you b) you don't like getting your bike dirty c) you are too tired after doing 500km training this week for a cyclo sportif event next year then just come along and have fun HED wheels is providing a beer tent, numerous gorgeous wives are providing a cake stall, The club president is BBQing it up, and you could win a Focus cross bike as ridden by Mike Wood. And finally of course, we have the final events of the National Cross champs, fantastic to watch, to be televised on SBS Cycling Central Really looking forward to seeing you there.

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