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17 April 2013
Well the team is off to a flying start with a 100% win record so far. To let you know more about the teams riders, sponsors, purpose and passion we will be posting some interesting profiles and interviews over the next few weeks. First off the blocks is our newest team member JJ Hazelton. Dont let his soft appearance and riding history fool you. This Kiwi is from the NZ Caravan BMX parks and race scene and is as hard and strong as nails! NAME: J.J Hazelton KNOWN AS: Caravans SEX: Male (not a ewe) AGE: 31 HEIGHT: 183cm WEIGHT: 85kg before eating WATTS/Kg: Heaps Bro YEARS RIDING: 1 TOP 5 RESULTS: 2012 - 2nd Australiain MMS1 criterium, 3rd NSW MMS Criterium, 5th NSW MMS1 Road Race, 4th Kurrajong Classic, 6th Southern Hemisphere Cup. FAVOURITE RIDE: Extended Mosman Hills Ride with croissants at the end. FAVOURITE RACE: West head Road Race. FOOD OF CHOICE: Pizza is the best ! You can have anything on toasted bread with cheese. BEST ADVISE: The faster you get up hills the less time you spend suffering. Big Dog. GOALS FOR 2013: Stay upright, have fun, win races COMMENTS: Cycling should be a contact sport, Keep out of my way!

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