Gnarly Tubeless Tyre Insert 2.3-2.5″


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GNARLY Performance Inserts do more than protect your rims from sharp impacts that can burp tyres and damage rims. GNARLY rim protectors enhance your tubeless system, improving the way your bike rides and handles giving you more control and more confidence when the riding gets gnarly!





If you ride a gravel bike with wider tyres, e-bike or mountain bike, Gnarly tubeless inserts will give you the protection you need with the performance you want.


Gnarly is the solution to your problems:


Why do my tyres squirm?

Why are my tyres wearing out so quickly?

Why do my wheels bottom out?

Most tubeless inserts focus on rim protection, Gnarly focuses on improving performance in addition to rim protection giving you the confidence you need to have a Gnarly good time!


Protection from Impacts

Confidence Inspiring


More Protection from Impacts

Prevents burping Protects against rim damage

Confidence Inspiring Performance

Gnarly protectors give you the confidence to ride harder and faster.



Super Easy Install

Super Light Weight

Super Easy DIY Install

Click here to watch Ronnie and Johnny in action in our install video.

Super Light Weight

Gnarly rim protectors are less than 100 grams.


What sizes do they come in? GNARLY Rim Protectors come in three sizes based on the width of your tyre.




Gnarly Grey | 84 grams | fits 2.0 – 2.2 inch tyres | 45 – 50mm for Gravel

Gnarly Blue | 92 grams | fits 2.3 – 2.5 inch tyres

Gnarly Black | 116 grams | fits 2.6 – 3.0 inch tyres

It doesn’t matter what the wheel diameter is, you can trim the insert to fit 29”, 27.5 and even smaller sizes!


What’s in the Box?


1 x Gnarly Insert

Joining tape

A couple of cable ties to join the insert together

Gnarly High-Flow Tubeless Valve



Additional information


Fits true to size. Do you need size advice?

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