Mitas Flash 26 x 1.75 Stop Thorn


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Our flagship commuter tyre, the Flash is designed for all road conditions, shedding water and providing maximum adhesion though all kind of debris and surfaces.



Stop Thorn: 3 mm of special rubber compound buffer placed between the tread and carcass prevents punctures and cut from just about anything you could ever face out on the road. This buffer also increases stiffness and strength in the crown area to help eliminate drag and maintain excellent adhesion.


Long Way

29 TPI; Wire bead; High resistance against puncture in the tread and sidwall area and extremely long service life.



A highly reflective stripe on the sidewall that produces an extremely bright reflection of light for use in dusk and dawn, night, foggy and even rainy conditions for the entire service life of the tyre.



Long Lasting Compound: Special tread compound, high resistance against puncture and extremely resistant to

abrasion. 3-times longer service life in comparison to Basic compound. It is stable and lasting even under extreme conditions (high loading, high and low temperature, heavy and broken terrain)


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