Norco Range A3

Brand: Norco


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Norco Range A3 is an entry-level enduro bike. Designed to ride technical trails at warp speed, this bike is aimed at the rider who wants to push their limits without busting the bank. The Range features Norco’s Gravity Tune design concept. Gravity Tune adjusts the rear center proportionally with the front center, meaning large frames have longer rear centers than small frames. As a result, the rider’s weight is always optimally distributed – regardless of their height and the frame size they choose. The Range A3 is the entry level bike in the series, but it’s build kit still packs a punch. Suspension is all from Rockshox, with a Deluxe RL shock in the back, and Yari RC fork in the front. The Yari fork is exceptionally stiff, giving direct feedback to the rider and delivery accurate steering in the rocks. Another outstanding feature of the build is the 29mm width rims paired with Maxxis “Wide Trail” sized tyres. This combination gives the bike outstanding levels of tractions, even on the loosest of trails. The Norco Range A3 might be the entry level model in the series, but it is built to handle some serious riding and back it up day after day. Suits the aggressive rider who needs a big bike on a budget.

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