BBB Scope 1300 Lumens Headlight

Brand: BBB

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1300 lumen lightweight headlight with external battery pack. 
2 Powerful XM-L T6 CREE LED. 
4 modes: Super beam, high beam, standard beam, and low beam. 
Water-resistant aluminum casing with Airflow Cooling System (ACS) for optimum heat control. 
The light is protected against overheating. It automatically will dim when the temperature goes above 85 degree Celsius and will light up again when the temperature is at normal operating temperature. 
Rubber enclosed water-resistant multifunctional switch provides direct and responsive activation and is used as power indicator, indicating empty battery (red light) and light On (blue light). 
Easy mounting by angle adjustable TightFix bracket fits on both standard and oversized handlebar diameters. 
HelmetMount helmet bracket (BLS-70) included. 
Ultra light and compact (105 x 55 x 32 mm) Lithium battery pack. 
Battery pack equipped with a 5-steps power level warning indicator. Indicator can be switched on and off. 
Battery pack can be installed in multiple positions on the bicycle by using the provided velcro strap. Rubber shaped battery ends prevent scratches on you bike. 
High quality Lithium (2 x 22650, 3300mAh, 7.4V) batteries can be (dis)charged up to 300 times without noticeable performance loss. 
Charging time is typically 2.5 hours and the system is protected against short circuits, overcharging and total discharge. 
The battery pack can also be used for other USB charged devices, like a phone. USB output (5V 1A) only! 
Charger with power plug included. 
110 mm extension cable included. 
Weight light: 110 grams. 
Weight battery: 200 grams. 
Size light: 44 x 34 x 52 mm. 
Size battery: 105 x 55 x 32 mm. 
Color: black/ gold

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